Dear Sushant Singh Rajput, you mattered!

There is so much that I have been feeling since the moment I heard about your tragic demise. It’s strange that despite myriad thoughts crossing my mind all at once, I feel short of words. Sushant, you were a gem, a genius whose potential laid far beyond your on-screen presence. Your acting was just the tip of the iceberg of what you truly represented. There was something about you that made you so humane despite your venture with this so-called Film industry. I often wonder, how can a creative workspace (Bollywood) that recognises itself as an “Industry” consider the artists involved anything but a commodity?

It’s hypocritical, it’s absurd but that’s the way it is and so are we humans. All, I can say is that your incessant attempt at self-improvement and your list of life-goals felt nothing short of an inspiration. This loss seems too personal to me, maybe that’s because you always seemed to be one of us. Your efforts for betterment, your inclination for science, absurd fascination for astronomy, interaction with fans and that innocence in your smile- there won’t be anyone who’ll be able to that void. Despite being an outsider, you are leaving a unique legacy behind. Your story deserves a biopic of its own. Thank you for being the way you were. Honestly, I stumble upon the fact that one of my biggest sources of inspiration is no more. Your sudden departure has left us with so many questions to which there won’t be any easy answers. With deep agony and tears rolling down my cheek, I thank you for being that hope for so many of us. You were our pride. I wish, we could have served you better, treated you fairer. Your life mattered, it did.

This sketch is a tribute from my end to my inspiration.

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