How Sports will change in a Covid-19 post world

The sporting action has resumed after months of shut down but is not yet completely up and running. There are a lot questions to be answered, a lot of qualms of how things should be taken forward or whether the players and all those involved are already being risked after and put into the sporting arenas too early. Everyone is waiting for the medical breakthrough, a vaccine for the coronavirus.

But, the wait continues. Here we try and look into the covid-19’s implications on sports, the inevitable challenges and by when it can be back on its feet again.

Empty stadiums

Several major sporting events like football leagues across the world and international cricket have resumed but there are no spectators. For now, it is the best way to restart but it will be the way forward and remain so in the next few months. Fans are deprived of live-action and can only catch all of it on their TV screen at home or get involved in dream 11 fantasy cricket.

Change in laws, new safety protocols

Sports like cricket had to make changes in game laws to get cricket running. The rules have been redefined on shining the ball, review system and more to avoid any kind of contact between players. It does affect the game and match prediction outcome, player have to make adjustments and be wary of the new protocols in place. This could just be the start and we may see more of changes in game rules, laws and protocols.

Training challenge

You can’t train like before. The current situation demands trainers to stay on their toes all times to break trainees into small groups, make sure the individuals maintain required distance and use equipment that is safe. Support staff have their work cut out, so do the players who can’t just train on their own to keep up with the fitness demands of sports. Some sports require a partner and you can’t do without one. The challenges are plenty when it comes to training.

Sport is one of our best escapes and a source of joy. While safety protocols increase and will be the case for foreseeable future, sports and those involved will face challenges. After all, physical well-being is foremost for every individual and can’t be compromised at any cost.

Everyone is looking for a post-Covid-19 world that will be a blessing for all the sports lovers wanting to see . Until then, we have to be more cautious and adjust to the circumstances.


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